Education system in South Korea compared to England

In countries such as South Korea, schools are much more stern and education is focused on a lot more. South Korean parents spend thousonds of pounds a year on after school tuition.


This is a quote from a South Korean mother of a teenage student,


"Korea has few natural resources, we don't even have much land, the only resource we have is people. So anyone who wants to be successful really has to stand out. As a mother I don't feel comfortable about this kind of situation, but it's the only thing she can do to achieve her dream."


The Korean education system and its teachers are seen as far stricter and more traditional than the UK system. What both UK and South Korean schools have in common is a commitment to their students and a desire for them to achieve and succeed in their lives. Education systems are constantly evolving and teachers are always learning. They will hopefully be able to look to other cultures for a positive influence on the school environments that they create for future generations.